United States Army Warrant Officers Association


Fort Lowell - Apache Chapter


Meeting Minutes –


5 June 2006


The meeting was called to order at 1800 hours by President, CW5R Baiocchetti, with the pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum was present.  The meeting was held at the Cattletown Restaurant.


Secretary’s Report:  CW3R Michael Turner


            The minutes of the May 2006 meeting were presented electronically. A request was made to the members present for clarifications or changes to the electronic minutes; there were none.  A motion was made by CW3R Ron James to accept the minutes as presented.  The motion was seconded by CW2R John Curtis.  The motion was passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  CW4R Harold Lindamood


May 31, 2006 –

      Savings Account - $26.02

      Checking Account – $9,160.13


A motion was made by CW3R Joe Gill to accept the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit, and seconded by WO1 Craig Dowdney. The motion to accept the May Treasurer’s Report was approved. 


President's Report:  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti


Tonight’s meeting is going to be centered on the final preparations for the upcoming 5th Annual Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter golf tournament.


Vice President's Report:  CW3R Ron James


            No Report


Old Business




New Business


            CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti reviewed the activities for the golf tournament and assigned specific duties to the members that are providing allied services during the tournament.



     CW2R Ted Cogut made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. The motion was seconded by CW3R Joe Gill and passed by the members present at 1930 hours.


The next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be held at 1800 hours at Michelangelo Restaurante Italiano on July 10, 2006.

Submitted By:


 CW3R Michael Turner


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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