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Meeting Minutes –


10 July 2006


The meeting was called to order at 1805 hours by President, CW5R Baiocchetti, with members saluting the flag during the pledge of Allegiance. The President declared a quorum was present.  The meeting was held at the Michelangelo Restaurante Italiano.


Secretary’s Report:  CW3R Michael Turner


            The minutes of the June 2006 meeting were presented electronically. A request was made to the members present for clarifications or changes to the electronic minutes; there were none.  A motion was made by CW3R Joe Gill to accept the minutes as presented.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Al Price.  The motion was passed.


Treasurer’s Report:  CW4R Harold Lindamood


June 30, 2006 –

      Savings Account - $26.04

      Checking Account – $6391.62


A motion was made by CW3R Gary Huggins to accept the Treasurer’s Report subject to audit, and seconded by CW3R Ron James. The motion to accept the June Treasurer’s Report, subject to audit, was approved. 


President's Report:  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti


Tonight’s report will be deferred to discussing the Golf Tournament as Old Business.


Vice President's Report:  CW3R Ron James


            1. The Chapter sold another set of 4 ROTC medals


2. Discussion was presented about the chapter sponsoring a Drill Day at Flowing Wells High school.  The event is tentatively scheduled for 16 December 2006 and would require a half-day participation by several members for judging and event administration.  A motion was made by CW2R Ted Cogut that the Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter sponsor the Drill Meet in December 2006.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Joe Gill, and approved.


3. The members are also asked to sponsor a perpetual trophy for the winners at a cost not to exceed $300. A motion was made by CW4R Harold Lindamood to purchase the perpetual trophy at a cost not to exceed $300.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Al Price, and approved.



Old Business


            Golf Tournament AAR – CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti


            1. The golf tournament was a resounding success


            2. CW4R Harold Lindamood presented the Treasurer’s Report for the June Golf Tournament.             

The Chapter netted $2288.49 profit for the tournament


3. There was discussion about selling “closest to the pin” at the check-in table rather than at the holes.  Discussion was tabled to a future date


4. The chapter received a $152 commitment from CW3R Michael Turner for his wife Mary’s’ company, Engineering Synthesis Design Incorporated (ESDI) to sponsor the hole-in-one club for the 2007 tournament


5. The 2007 edition of the Annual Fort Lowell-Apache Chapter Golf Tournament is tentatively scheduled for 9 June 2007 at the Tucson Omni Resort


New Business


1.  CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti led the discussion about the chapter becoming a sponsor for the 2007 VA Veteran patient Program at the VA Hospital.  While in agreement with the concept, the members requested additional information; to be provided at a later date


2. CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti opened the discussion concerning the amount of money to set aside to sponsor the 2007 Scholarship Program.  CW3R Ron James offered some comments from this year’s winners and that they were really happy with the scholarship


3. A motion was made by CW4R Harold Lindamood to offer up to 4 scholarships at a rate of $500 each.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Al Price and approved


4.  A spontaneous discussion ensued about cancelling the August 2006 Chapter meeting since so many of the regular attendees will be out of town.  A motion was made by CW3R Ron James to cancel the August 2006 meeting.  The motion was seconded by CW2R Ted Cogut, and approved.  CW3R Michael Turner will handle the reservations at the Cattletown Restaurant for the September meeting


5.  There was a discussion about investing the scholarship money for short duration to reap the benefits of the on-hand money.  The discussion also included the suggestion to invest up to $1000 of the Chapter’s general fund in short term investments not to exceed 1 year maturation.  A motion was made by CW4R Harold Lindamood to invest the $2000 Scholarship assets in 6 month CD’s.  And, to invest up to $1000 of the Chapters’ general fund in a 1 year CD.  Determination of the investment company is at the discretion of the Treasurer.  The motion was seconded by CW3R Gary Huggins; and approved


6. CW5R Vincent Baiocchetti reminded the members that election of the 2006-2007 Chapter Officers will be held in October, with the new officers taking office in November 2006.  Nominations are due to the Secretary not later than the September meeting.  The offices open for election are the President and Vice President.  The Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Webkeeper are appointed positions.



CW4R Harold Lindamood made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. There being no discussion, the motion was seconded by CW3R Joe Gill and passed by the members present at 1943 hours.


The next meeting of the Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter will be held at 1800 hours at the Cattletown Restaurant, 10 September 2006.


Submitted By:


CW3R Michael Turner


Ft. Lowell-Apache Chapter, USAWOA


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